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Animatus News Memorial Day Edition

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Got no plans for Memorial Day evening? Come out to the Little Theatre for the latest installment of the Emerging Filmmakers Series.

This month's show includes a Fresh Toone from Animatus creative director Dave Puls called "Hate Preachers." This musical short takes a look at the destructive rhetoric of hate preachers.

Little Theatre
240 East Avenue Rochester
9:15 PM
Monday, May 28

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What else is new with Dave's Fresh Toones? His short, "When Georgie Goes Marching Home" was recently shown at SURGE: the International, Social Uprising, Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement Film Festival. Visit their website at

"Georgie" was also featured at the Rochester International Film Festival. Dave received a trophy for his efforts and introduced the theater crowd to his mother, who played a role in the film. She was a great sport, considering her animated likeness is tied up by President Bush and forced to eat dog food! We think she's forgiven Dave by now...

Another film fest nod went to Mike Boas, whose short "The Other Gods" received a certificate of merit from the Rochester International Film Festival.



The summer is upon us, and before you know it, August will be here. Will you be ready for animation? Registrations for our SUMMER ANIMATION CAMP are coming in, so don't delay. Payment secures your spot in this unique workshop, so if you plan to attend, now's the time to speak up!

Register online for Wednesdays or Thursdays at



In addition to our standard animation workshops, we've also been doing a specialty project with a group of city teenagers. The animated historical drama tells about key points in the life of Rochester's own FREDERICK DOUGLASS. The short film is being created for the Underground Railroad Conference in September, but may have some other screenings as well. We'll make more announcements if that is the case.

We also had the pleasure of editing a music video for the popular band, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS. They're doing another album of music for kids called "Here come the 1 2 3's" and the song we worked with was "The Number 2." Nationally renowned caricature artist David Cowles acted as director on the video, which was a live action piece featuring puppets. The lively song was stuck in our heads for days (weeks?) and Dave Puls did a great job of editing the wonderful footage captured by cinematographer Timothy Brown.


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