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High Falls review at Radford Reviews

Friend of the studio Ben Radford had some nice things to say about the High Falls Film Festival, Angela's seminar, and Animatus. Here's an excerpt from his website:
The seminar that drew the largest crowd was by lesser-known (but not lesser talented) 3-D animator Angela Eliasz. Eliasz was a hometown girl who began at Rochester’s own Animatus Animation Studio. The talk was introduced by Fred Armstrong, head of Animatus. Eliasz showed clips from her work on film such as The Haunted Mansion, Stuart Little 2, and Final Fantasy. She discussed computer animation techniques and new advances in the field, as well as the days or weeks of painstaking effort that goes into mere seconds on the screen. (I also took an introductory animation class at Animatus in 2003; the studio is amazing, brimming with animation and cartoon figurines, cels, equipment, movie posters, and strange gadgets that could just as easily be medieval kitchen utensils as animation tools. Animatus Studios can be reached at, or phone 585-232-1740.)
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