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"It Came From Animatus" DVD Collection

Here's a sneak peak at our cover pic. More info coming soon!

Aug 30, 2004

Our DVD website is now online!
Check it out at

Ogle these specs, why don't you?

Derf the Viking
* The Scent of Valhalla
* The Quest for Happy Hour
* The Search for the Great White Ale

Fresh Toones
* Fresh Toones Theme
* Sal Monella's Deli
* Things
* Self-Employed
* Ridin' This Train
* True Believer
* Sharks in the Water

Su & Mo! The Lap-Dancing Bad Boys of Animation
* A Night at Club Hippendale's (Episodes 1 and 2 combined)
* Lost in Animation (Episode 3)

* Filmmakers' Commentary on "The Search for the Great White Ale"
* Alternate Scenes
* Pencil Tests
* Storyboard Comparison
* "Derf in 3D" Featurette
* "Derf's Principles to Live By" Featurette
* Collectible Booklet with Character Info and Song Lyrics

We're now accepting orders, too! What are you waiting for? For the low low price of $19.95, you can get all the Zany cartoons listed above, and not gain a pound! That's right, our cartoons are LOW CARB! How cool is that?

Buy your copy at

Sep 13, 2004


Also, for a limited time, visitors to our website (and our studio in Rochester) can buy their copy at the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL price of $15.95. That's 20% off the regular price. Don't miss your chance to save!

Buy your copy through the Animatus Store.


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